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Group of Companies
This group undertakes the event management-expositions or expo dev /seminars /conferences etc in india as well as abroad :

Intra-Prom will assess the credibility of the company and if the company satisfies our Business Standards, then will take consolidate responsibility for promoting their Business Worldwide.
The global promotional service includes:

1. Bringing Awareness in the International Market :
As a Intra-Prom certified company, it will earn you a corporate recognition in the global market and will maximize your business credibility.
We will Organize and will Participate in the International Business Exhibitions, Events etc... focusing minimum 2-5 countries every years. For a positive promoting, We will display your Products, Catalogs, Directories etc.. in the business show. This is as simple as like you have participated directly.
We will ensure that your profile is reaching the right hands. This will generate concrete business enquiries and will support you to appoint Dealers / Distributors for your product internationally.
Promotion / Marketing is nothing but bringing awareness in Retail and International market. Our promotion includes Portfolio management, Profile exposure, participating in International trade fare shows in major countries representing your company, giving preview in International business association, promotion through Business agents, Buying agents and Buyers.
Our concentration will guarantee your business to reach more than 1,00,000 businesses.
2. Reducing the Risk and Investment :
ntra-Prom is wide spread in major countries. Our research team is specially organized to identify the foreign/export market requirements. Our Research team will analyze the demand and the requirement for your products. So the investment made towards your promotion is meaning full and safe. So, you can avoid experimenting your investment towards understanding the scope and demand.
We will maintain the Business standards based on the requirement of the buyer which suits both the Developed an the Developing countries.
Intra-Prom will reduce 98% of your Operational international marketing expenses.
1. For example, A company concentrating on International Promotion in just 1 countries i.e., Participation in ‘International Business Exhibition’ will cost between INR 4,00,000-8,00,000/- minimum. Even a business visit to a average costing country for a week would cost INR 80,000/- minimum. Arranging for Buying meet will cost you INR 1,00,000/- etc.... All together, for bringing an awareness in the International market concentrating just 1 country would cost approximately INR 10,00,000/- minimum. When we focus 5 countries, your investment will be heavy.
2. Where the amount you are investing for your company with Intra-Prom for the International Business Promotion concentrating 2-5 countries would cost less than 1% comparatively. So, the investment is safe.
3. International Reviews :
We offer seminars in leading Business Association in various countries results in creating the demand and can target business in volume.
We understand the supply is always 10 times lesser than the actual demand / requirement. Our executives are professionally trained to convert the requirements to an enquiry or business. So we can assure for a positive international sourcing. This will bridge a gap between the prospective manufacturers & potential buyers and we will represent your company directly to the buyer.
4. Support and Customer Care :
We are having dedicative client support team, who will be available 24 hours round the clock to support your business..
Our relationship officer will be available all the time to take care of your international promotional activities. They will be acting as an interface between the client and the company, and will stand till the completion of the process.
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